This is the time for all of the hopeless romantics to tell someone special in their life how much they are loved. At The Orchard Florist Bilston Church Street, Bilston, in the West Midlands our Valentines floral gifts start from £19.99 for delivery, and as little as £5.00 for pick up and go, so there is something for every budget.

We love Valentine’s day says Wendi and Leanne, it’s really hectic and we have been known to work until 2am in the morning on the few days running up to the big occasion!

The late night and early starts make it all worthwhile and it’s good to see that romance is alive and kicking in Bilston and its very rewarding when people tell us how great our flowers are. We have 5 delivery drivers working on the 14th including my partner and son says Wendi.They always book a day’s holiday from their own jobs to help out.

The atmosphere in the shop is fantastic and all week we have a wide range of customers from the young teenagers both boys and girls to the happily retired who are never too old for love

Over the years we have had many letters of proposal to deliver with the flowers and we have even delivered an engagement ring in among 100 of the finest red roses.

At the end of the day we get the ones who have forgotten, running in with panic on their faces, we always manage to help them stay out of the dog house!!! and this year Valentines falls on a Friday, there will be the last few fellas strolling in from the pub trying to buy the roses at what they call a special price, it’s so funny! (they usually end up spending the most!)

So........let the Valentines preparation begin. We look forward to helping you say I love you this Valentine’s day.